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Top Remote Work Jobs for students without any experience

September 06, 2021

Top Remote Work Jobs for students without any experience

Extra money is always nice, especially when you are a student. Except it can be hard to find a job that accommodates to your tight schedule.  A side hustle is an excellent way to bring extra income on your own time. But, there are so many out there; how do you know which ones are worth your time?  

Start by thinking about what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. With so many things you can do for work remotely, you might as well choose something you’ll enjoy, right? 

You might be telling yourself, “but I don’t have any experience.” Don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of remote side hustles that require little to no experience and will leverage your skills.

For the organizers and planners

Consider a Virtual Assistant gig! Virtual Assistants (or VA’s) are assistants who work remotely and perform the tasks an executive assistant normally does. As a VA, you take care of things like organizing your client’s schedule, screen emails, confirm appointments, etc.

The amount and type of work vary from client to client. Communicate with your client and set your duties and schedule expectations early on.


Find Virtual Assistant gigs on job board sites like Upwork and Freelancer. Or, talk to your professors! They could probably use the help of a VA. 

Skills and requirements: you are tech-savvy, have strong communication skills, are highly organized and know how to multitask.

For the writers

Start a blog. Write about a topic you are passionate about, and develop your writing skills while doing it. Now, it does take time and consistency to build your blog and gain readers. But, once you get there, you can monetize it. You can use your blog to display Google Ads for advertisement revenue.


Other revenue streams from your blog can come from doing product reviews, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. Blogging is a fabulous way to turn a hobby into an income source.

However, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of building up your blog, use an online publishing platform like Medium. You can write on Medium about anything you want. The best part is that you can get paid when Medium members read your work.

For the gamers

If you are serious about gaming and know how to talk to the camera, streaming might be just for you. Streaming platforms like Twitch stream a live feed of you playing. With regular gaming sessions and a growing following, you can qualify for the Twitch affiliate program that allows you to monetize your channel and generate some revenue. 


If you game as a way to de-stress from school and relax, you might as well stream your sessions and earn some extra money!

Skills and requirements: a gaming console, camera and microphone. 

For the artists and creatives

Sell your digital art online. Set up an Etsy store and sell your illustrations as a digital file.

This way, you can sell your artwork an infinite number of times without ever having to ship anything. To boost sales, promote your Etsy store and artwork through your social media channels. 


You can also sell custom illustrations through Fiverr - an online marketplace for virtual services, such as illustrations. Set up a profile and add the type of designs you do and the specifications. Mention the expected delivery time, elements that one can add, and your price. 

Don’t forget to specify what your buyers can use your artwork for. Can they use it for commercial or personal purposes

Skills and requirements: you are tech-savvy, have excellent design skills, have strong communication skills.

For the musicians

If you are always in charge of choosing the music for parties, road trips and have some fantastic playlists, this side hustle is for you. Playlistpush.com pays you to listen to music and review songs. Playlist Push pays curators who have a following on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube Music to review songs. 

For something more casual

  1. Test products, services or experiences and share your review on Usertesting.com.
  2. Upload your photos and get paid every time they get viewed on ClickASnap.com
  3. Sell second-hand clothing and accessories on Poshmark.com or Depop.com.
  4. Record audiobooks on ACX.com.
  5. Get paid to share your opinion and complete surveys on Surveyjunkie.com.

There are hundreds of options out there to make extra money without compromising your study schedule. Don’t worry about having any experience; look at your hobbies and skills and make something with them. Choosing something you enjoy doing will make you eager to get work!


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