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How to build a website in 2022 - Easy guide for beginners

July 18, 2022

How to build a website in 2022 - Easy guide for beginners

There are hundred ways of how you can create a website. The more ways you know, the more ways you can always choose.

We’ve been building websites (with a help of our partners Devhance team) since 2016 and we use custom development, not ready-to-use solutions.


This way of building a website will save your time, but not money. Custom development is all about making your site unique, to stand out of the crowd by using unrepeatable UX/UI design. Choosing ready templates from website builders usually hard to customize to make it exclusive, but it is definitely will be cost-saving.

About video

Talking about today's video, it is not just about creating a website for personal or business purposes, it’s about how to do it without spending so much money and time.

We hope this short guide will be not only helpful for designers and developers, but it could also be practical for other freelance professionals and business owners.

By making a decision we recommend to do more research on this topic and don't just believe us as the only source of information. But as we said in the beginning: more ways you know, more ways you can always choose! Enjoy the video!

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