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How To Build a Custom Website in 2022

September 21, 2022

How To Build a Custom Website in 2022

Building a website could be challenging if you don’t know 🤷‍♀️ how to start and how everything should work. 

With a help of our partners Devhance team we've been building websites since 2016 and we use custom development (build a website from scratch), not ready-to-use solutions as a lot of companies prefer.


So, If you’re a web designer or a web developer, copywriter or accountant, SEO specialist or marketing analyst, small business owner or freelancer, if you’re working in the office or working from home - this video will be definitely helpful for you.

About video

In this video we want to share a complete guide on how to build a website in a custom way - more complicated than just using website builders, but always worth it.

This process includes not only becoming a part of web designers and web developers but also it requires skills to hire the right people - we've covered this point also.

This method is not about saving your money, but instead you can save your nerves and time. It might seem easy to follow all the steps and to build a custom website in a short-term - but it's not as you face so many challenges on your way and our team wants to help you with it. So, let's jump into the video:

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