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5 Proved Steps How To Achieve Your Goals Working Remotely

August 29, 2022

5 Proved Steps How To Achieve Your Goals Working Remotely

Do you want to make the best of 2022 while working remotely? Start by checking your New Year resolutions. Review the goals that you set. Have you foreseen a career change? Are you trying to find the best University for your future education, your ideal partner, or the perfect holiday? Reflect on 2021 and consider the things you want to achieve in 2022. Is there anything you want to re-evaluate? Here is a list of 5 proved steps how to achieve your goals working remotely!


We set short-term and long-term goals each year, but do we focus enough to achieve them? Setting goals is quite an easy task. The hard part is fulfilling them. So, if you want to achieve your goals in 2022, wait no longer!

1. Set clear goals 🎳

A crucial part of success is setting out clear goals. Think things through and write down what you want to do, achieve, and experience. One of the most important steps is to identify your goals. Once you know what you want, start the planning process. Design the plan and take action to get there. Set a timeline, don’t be lazy, and follow it through.


Your success rate will radically increase if you set clear goals. Clear goals are measurable and easier to achieve. Don’t just say that you want to travel. Choose a specific destination, check your calendar, and make the arrangements.

Don’t be afraid to be audacious! Often in life, we’re limited by our mindset. Subconsciously we think that we’ll fail. We stay in our comfort zone most of the time because we feel safe. So, if you want to achieve your goals, get out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to dream big!

2. Figure out the problems that might occur along the way 🧗‍♀️

Be completely honest with yourself. Only then you’ll figure out the problems that may occur along the way. You should know your weaknesses and set your ego aside. Work hard on improving your weaknesses. Dig deep! What drives you to accomplish that goal? Will its accomplishment increase the quality of your life? Why is the fulfillment of that goal so important to you? Answer honestly and remember the answers. Use them later on when you feel a lack of motivation.


Your honest answers will help you identify the problems. Once you’ve figured out the setbacks, the rest is easy. Create a precise plan to overcome them and move forward. Don’t multitask! Concentrate on one main task daily. Find a time when you’re most productive and make the most of it.

3. Diagnose the root of the problems 🎭

Before jumping to the solution, diagnose the root of the problem. Focus on the diagnosis and design rather than making impulsive decisions. The problem may not be visible at first, so it’s crucial to be thorough and persistent. Get to the bottom of each goal. Ask “WHY“ as often as you can. Why have you failed? Why aren’t you dedicated enough? Why do you lack perseverance? Why…?


Be focused and try not to lose your motivation. Step away and try to diagnose the core of the problem from a different angle. Stop worrying about what other people think about you and expect of you. Set the goals for you and you alone. Once you put yourself first, it’ll be easy to determine the core of the problem. Then and only then you’ll be able to start working on the solution.

No matter how difficult or unachievable your goals may seem, once you’ve diagnosed the root of the problem, you’ll be one step closer to their achievement.

4. Design solutions 🧘‍♂️

Re-evaluate the steps that lead you to where you are now. Look back at the decisions that brought you to this point. Visualize what you have to do next to reach your goals. Try to design system-based solutions.


According to the author of “Principles” Ray Dalio, “Designing precedes doing! The design will give you your to-do list”.

  • Set a realistic deadline and bear in mind that change takes time.
  • Find the time on your calendar for each specific goal. That seemingly simple action increases your chances of success.
  • If the goal is too complex, break it down into simple steps. For example, if you want to lose weight and exercise, start by finding and subscribing to an exercise program. Block a space in your calendar and set the time. If you feel a lack of motivation, at some point, concentrate on the result.

5. Execute 🎯

The execution of goals is the final step. To reach this step, first and foremost, you need self-discipline. Do not fall back on the first obstacle. Be result-oriented and push yourself to achieve the goals you set. But bear in mind, you don’t have to suffer to achieve your goals.


The execution part should also be fun and exciting. You should be passionate about your goals, and you should feel inspired. Adding the fun bit to your goals will make you more productive and more eager to get up in the morning and commit to them.

Let’s resume! To achieve your goals in 2022, set clear goals, figure out the problems that might occur along the way, diagnose the root of the problem, design solutions, and last but not least, EXECUTE!


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