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3 EASY programming languages to learn in 2022

August 15, 2022

3 EASY programming languages to learn in 2022

What programming languages are in-demand today?

Which programming languages are easier to learn?

What to choose in 2022 to not go back to the stone age 🗿?

About video

Today's video is about easiest programming languages you can learn in 2022. Why did we choose exactly these programming languages?

  • Easy to start learning (all you need - laptop and coding tools)
  • Easy to maintain (no headaches with future updates)
  • High demand (don't waste a lot of time to find a job)

It is always hard to make the right choice, so we can't talk about coding languages without knowing their purpose: we highlighted what is the main purpose of the language and gathered opinions from experienced developers who shared their knowledge with you.


We bet that in 5 years we will have 10 or 20 new programming languages that will replace one of those that we mentioned in this video!

Of course, there is a huge amount of other languages that you might consider easier or more popular, so this might be a topic for other videos 😁 And now, let's jump into the video!

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